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Roughneck offshore job opportunity in Norway

In today's job market, more and more people experience trouble finding the perfect high-paying job. Have you ever considered becoming employed as a offshore roughneck? Research shows that in 2009 the oil and gas industry spent well over $ 400 billion in drilling and as our society continues to grow, you can expect that the demand for these resources to grow.

This is good news for people who like to work in physically demanding jobs offshore. There is plenty of roustabout jobs, but before you can find the perfect paying job you need to know some good tips and advice that can help you find those jobs.

Another way to find oil rig jobs are right at your fingertips with a little help from the Internet and many of the free job posting sites like monster.com, which will help you to look for jobs, and allows you to post a resume on their side. In addition to free job listing sites, the oil company websites also add oil rig jobs, and although most of them only post office and management positions, sometimes they will add roustabout jobs.

Talk to people who are currently working in these positions, you will be surprised how many positions you may find that your company has not yet listed the public. Do not hesitate to network with as many people as possible, and this will easily help you to find someone who works as a roughneck or know someone who has a position on an oil rig.

The truth is that most people do not know anyone who works on an oil rig . But you need to get a little creative when making your roustabout jobs search ; Most employers from an oil rig will not place their open position in the local newspaper. In fact, most companies have realized that they can save money by working with the online job sites and place their openings on these sites .

You should take care to remember that there are many people who are interested in roustabout jobs, and they usually Internet and newspaper listings to find their jobs as networking and talking to people can give you an advantage over your competitors . Many recruitment agents and even books like What Color is Your Parachute recommend networking as a free and effective job search tools, but many people are too shy to use this method.

Our resource will walk you through step by step on how to find roustabout jobs, this will take you to the website which you can use to get hired for oil rig job. The point is to not give up and continue your offshore job search, we know that jobs are hard to find today, but with the right tools and resources you can easily find a good paying job

Roughneck offshore position

Roughneck is entry level offshore position for those who want to work offshore with no experience. In this profession perform manually rough work, which often evolves physical labor. That's why the profession is also called roughneck or floor man.

While working as Roughneck on the drill floor of a oil rig, you must follow orders from drilling manager on oil rig. Roughneck performs duties and handle tools used in drilling and bore hole investigations (Wells). Roughneck must be prepared to work long, hard hours under pressure of any kind of weather (hot or extremely cold), should wear protective equipment, including harnesses, earmuffs and thermal suit. A work on the drill deck usually consists of three roughnecks, towers husband, a drilling assistant, a drill and a drill boss. Typical tasks for Roughneck on offshore oil rig:

  1. Operate and maintain all equipment on the drill floor
  2. Maintenance of equipment and putting drill pipe in the right place
  3. Preparedness Tasks, as coxswain
  4. Perform or assist in tasks or projects provided by the parent

Personal Characteristics and requirements for offshore Roughneck

As Roughneck should have good practical skills, have the ability to give and follow instructions and to work in teams. You should be in good physical shape, withstand heights and have good leadership skills.

Further career opportunities for Roughneck on offshore oil rig

Starting on oil rig as roughneck you have the opportunity to work your way up the ranks to the tower man, assistant driller, driller and finally drilling manager.

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