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Costly drilling in deep waters, such as West Africa, in which more and more money is invested, offshore oil drilling businesses benefited with the appropriate technology. Business is booming since the beginning of 2005. Last year, 80 new employees have already been set for this year and another 50 new hires planned - the specialist in drilling, engineering and maintenance of oil rigs.

Not only German oil and gas drilling companies are competing for professionals and skilled workers. Thus, the Employment Agency in Emden currently investigating on behalf of oil exploration companies from the Norway, the Netherlands, United States and Brazil nationwide 500 men for work on oil rigs off the coast of Norway - and men between 25 and 35 years of age who have training as an electrician, mechanics, metal craftsmen or mechanic. Alcohol is taboo, a cigarette outdoors costing the job.

Annual earnings of average offshore worker: 40,000 euros or 46,000 USD

Those who apply for offshore oil job should speak fluent in English, because that is the international working language on all oil rigs. Even the letter of application and curriculum vitae should be written in English, only certificates must not be necessarily translated. The interviews will also be held in English as a rule.

As a rule from 1000 applicants interested in offshore oil job only 100 have managed the first hurdle in the preselection. Oil company expects that offshore worker will work 14 days and twelve hours per day. There is average yearly salary of 40,000 euros with free board and lodging at sea.

Why the industry in Germany was prophesied no future, until recently. If we look at the statistics 40 years ago, the oil production was more than twice by its volume as it is today, and decreased continuously since then until recently. The extracted oil in Germany can not even cover three percent of domestic consumption. The domestic natural gas production, however, is relatively stable over the last ten years and plays for the domestic energy supply more significant role: 19 percent of the natural gas consumed in Germany comes from domestic sources, primarily from the North Sea and the Emsland.

With the prospect of lucrative offshore oil careers it attracts many graduates of the universities. However, a study is not always a prerequisite for well-paying jobs. We provide different occupations in which you can earn very well even without academic degree.

In Germany, there are more and more students. In the winter semester 2012/2013, the Federal Statistical Office identified a high of 2.5 million students at German universities.

Many young people opt for the good earning opportunities for study in oil sector, geology, seismology, mud engineering, petroleum etc. But even without a university degree any healthy man can earn, as the following examples demonstrate a handsome salary. Thus, performing simple low-skilled jobs (duties) on oil rig of: Laundryman, Roughneck, Rigger, Greenhand, Roustabout, Galley hand, Manual labor, General labor, Deckhands, Floorhand, Utility hand you could earn up to 46,000 USD with opportunity for career and futher promotion on oil rig.

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