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Offshore Foreman job in the UK

Job Description

The role of offshore foreman on the UK offshore oil rigs in the North Sea, will normally include the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities, as outlined in a sample Offshore Foreman job description summary:

Offshore Foreman is responsible and reports directly to the General Foreman on issues that concern the management of offshore construction crew with a particular focus on the performance of the workers of the construction trades, starting from offshore scaffolders. Managing construction team by Offshore Foreman comprises him defining both the volume and schedule of performing jobs in the offshore construction by staff and assigning specialists to specific places in the construction site, while ensuring the required safety measures are adhered to.

It is Offshore Foreman's direct responsibility to guarantee that the Construction Supervisor, Engineer, or Planner, are updated in a timely manner of any actual or imminent events that could affect the schedule, sequel, or efficiency of the operations that involve both qualified construction workers and offshore roustabouts.

Pre-requisites: level 2 NVQ; ONC in engineering; SMTD or working towards getting certified; BOSIET, HUET, MIST; Expertise: know and have skills how to use PTW or ISSOW. 5 years of prior experience in the fields of fabrication and construction, including 3 yrs in offshore construction. Personal skills of foreman working on offshore oil rigs in the UK's sector of the North Sea should normally include ability to efficiently manage both workforce, offshore construction equipment according to specifications, and procedures and have good understanding of HSE safe practices of doing job and performing maintenance procedures.


Deck Foreman to work aboard and manage and coordinate activities of CSV Normand Clipper deck crew. This vacancy is located at Ocean Installer AS, Norway. The company is a contractor in the field of subsea construction. Besides the head office in Stavanger, Norway, it also has offices in Aberdeen and Houston. In 2014 the company was awarded its first SURF contract in the Gulf of Mexico - the offshore project to be managed from the contractor's office in Houston, TX. Normand Clipper is a modern subsea construction vessel (CSV) that the company leased from the Solstad Offshore.

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Instrument Technician. Offshore job for candidate with experience of having worked on any kind of offshore oil drilling rig. This time the Offshore Instrument Technician will be required to work on rotation 14/14 schedule aboard a FPSO drilling for oil in the UK sector on the North Sea off the coast of Aberdeen. To be considered for this vacancy, the applicant should be able to confirm COMPEX, BOSIET, MIST and OGUK Medical certifications. Prior experience of working on FPSO though not a must, anyway desired and will be give preference to.

According to oilcareer.ru, the top ten countries that supply workforce for offshore oil rigs have included, in order of descending, the citizens of: the UK, USA, Malaysia, Australia, Indian, Thailand, Canada, Singapore, Russia, other.

Consultancies, hiring for oil & gas

Kelly Engineering Resources - a division of the international company Kelly Services. The consultancy is engaged in the selection of experienced staff to be hire to work in different industries and geographical locations, including offshore oil rigs. Kelly Engineering Resources offers staffing services and offers candidates variety of opportunities, including options to work under a contract of employment and in the companies they supply personnel to.

TATCO is the name of group of companies, who say in their mission statement they see their goal in efficient, profitable and responsible activities in the market of consulting services they provide as expert recruiters to the oil, gas and other industries. The company believes in the next few decades, oil and gas industry, especially its offshore sector, will be a key component of energy needs. At the same time, the industry itself will face severe shortage of highly qualified specialists and workers to ensure the stability in oil production meant to meet the needs of the world's petroleum and energy consumption.

Mackinnon Bruce International, is an international company based in the UK and doing business in the field of the staff recruitment in the field of oil and gas, metallurgy, renewable and nuclear energy. The consultancy is known for working with staff at all levels and departments, from engineers to senior management positions on offshore oil platforms.

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