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Rig: Make money on an oil platform

The classic dream: work on an oil rig. "I'm in oil." - Declares classic in American films and series of the 50s, if someone wanted to flaunt his wealth. Always - yet - and money is connected with oil.

Among the activities in which you can earn a lot of money allegedly include the work on an oil rig: Working onshore and offshore, even if the end of the energy career oil can already be seen on the horizon . Three weeks in the hard work on an oil rig, then three weeks free from oil drilling: for it get a lot of money and still have adventures. With the helmet on the head on the platform and the wind and waves are felt.

Oil is getting more expensive. Also from the deep sea petroleum is pumped. So why not itself make money from it? all the more so you can make it as an employee at offshore oil company.

Of course, these jobs are not so easy to get them: you need relationships, a certificate, you must learn English: the cost of thousands of dollars or euros. For an information brochure is ordered. The money must be ordered in advance. Even before the application, only the addresses of drilling rigs, must be paid.

In addition to ads for supposedly lucrative work at home, there are therefore also offers for jobs on an oil rig in the North Sea or on oil rigs in the exotic Dubai, in the Gulf of Mexico or in Arctic region. Because the oil reserves dwindle on land and it goes deeper and deeper into the ocean. The wells go deep under the sea or even below the ice. For scientific purposes, there are platforms for geologists.

Work on an oil rig or oil rig. lucrative job for tough guys.

Who has not heard about lucrative but also tough jobs on offshore oil rigs in drilling sector? Overall, one can say that on oil rigs primarily engineers, geologists and seismologists are sought, ie highly qualified personnel. However, there are lots of other professions that have chance to come to a place on offshore oil rig and make decent money within next few years of their careers.

Since offshore rigs (platforms) are placed outside world, such as cooks, doctors and nurses are wanted too. Note, however, that in most cases very good knowledge of English will be crucial.

Getting an offshore job on oil rig is certainly not easy. Best chances have holders of trades that deal with the exploration of oil reserves, ie: subsea driller, geologists and seismologists, also chemists and design engineers.

But in the offshore oil and gas industry, it's not only well drilling jobs are on demand. Offshore oil platforms also include services related to engineers for the construction of refineries and pipelines.

Working on offshore oil rig is not only hard but often dangerous. However, the opposite is usually an excellent career, a very good salary and the opportunity to travel.

Certainly, the job search should begin at the major oil companies in the world. The largest and best known include: Shell, BP, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Conocco Philips and Statoil.

However, smaller oil and gas companies offer good opportunities for advancement and careers too. While the training is more comprehensive for the larger companies, you can ascend usually faster in smaller companies.

Prerequisites for jobs on an oil rig

If you want to get a high paid offshore job on an oil rig, you must meet certain requirements. In addition to good English skills, the candidate must be willing to work more than 10 hours a day at least one year. However, the worker receives then free for several days.

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