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Are you professional welder?

You could earn much more offshore working on drilling rigs!

Entering the Shell graduate program takes place largely in the same way as for getting any other offshore oil job.

- We go through all the candidates applying to our graduate program, and during this process it is evaluated a number of factors. Professional background course plays a big role, in addition to the usual factors such as grades, positions in their trades and studies, relevant (offshore, oil, drilling) experience and other achievements of candidate. We are looking for candidates who have the right combination of capacity, ability and relational skills, says managing director of Shell, Tor Arnesen.

- Defining the capacity, ability and relational skills of candidate is achieved in part through job interviews and so-called internships. Empirically, we see that the candidates rather get to show much more of their potential through internships than through shorter job interviews, and we have as a result increasingly used this as an evaluation method, he continued.

Candidates are assessed for ability to perform job offshore.

- The safest and the right way to recruit offshore workers is to make people to work together as a crew. In oil drilling employment sector where the best candidates are highly sought after, it is also important that the candidate have seen and reviewed for the ability to work in a team. Furthermore, we have a battery of tests , questions and other things we go through to test specific properties.

Why choose offshore oil job?

There are numerous benefits while you are working on offshore oil rig. If your goal is to provide financially yourself and your family, worked up to 5 years - working on offshore oil rigs is for you.

Offshore salary

Oil and Gas industry is the place where many trades are paid significantly higher than on shore. For example the lowest ranked worker who does the most simple duties on offshore oil rig - Roustabout make up to $55,000 per year. The same salary if for galley hand in offshore catering department.

Offshore welders salary

  • Underwater welder with 3-5 years of offshore experience: $75,000 $150,000+
  • Offshore underwater welder can make 55,000 in a month after have off for 3 months.
  • Offshore welder $62,000
  • Ironworker Millwright welder $47,000
  • Track Maintenance $46,000
  • Tank welder $45,000
  • Asme welder Fitter $40,000
  • welder Helper $34,000
  • welder Fitters ND Shift $32,000
  • welder Journeyman $31,000
  • welder Mechanic $30,000
  • Mig welder Fabricator $29,000
  • welder Machine Operator $28,000
  • Robotic Mig welder Operator $26,000

By entering offshore oil and gas you are getting decent job for decent pay in good conditions.

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