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Deckhands offshore position

In order to work as a deck hand (assistant on oil rig), you have to have good practical manual dexterity, endurance, agility and a good head for heights, a strong sense of responsibility and any time an awareness of health and safety issues. You should be ready to work closely as part of the deck crew. The dack hands on offshore oil rigs performs their activities outdoors, possibly in any weather. Deckhands worker should be practical, fit and be able to stay calm in an emergency and to think fast. For this rig job you do not need qualifications. With experience, training and courses that offer oil company for free, you can work from deckhands to rig driller or manager upwards. The deck provides semi-skilled workers usually work on the drilling process and works under the supervision of supervisor.

Deckhands activities on oil rig deck

  • Maintenance of drilling equipment
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the devices that are used to mud (the lubricants for the drill bit used) to carry out the drill pipe
  • Using lifting equipment, ropes and winches
  • Keeps the bottom of the unit clean and tidy
  • Entry level in the oil rig work
  • Physically demanding profession on an oil rig
  • Any-weather, outdoor job
  • Heavy lifting
  • Uses various vehicles, equipment, and mechanisms to move pipes
  • Pick up and transport of various goods and materials that you need
  • loading / discharge
  • Removes waste using spesial liquids
  • Leads all other unskilled workers on the rig when it is necessary
  • Helping or assisting other workers on the oil rig when it is necessary
  • Reports to the driller

Cleaning (Houskeeping) department on oil rigs is envolved in working on few facilities and needs lifting, carrying, walking, sitting, pulling, etc. So each position requires good physical and mental health. Workers of houskeeping perform any combination of cleaning tasks. They arein charge that accomodation is kept in a clean and tidy condition. The tasks include making beds, replenishing linens, housekeeping, laundry operations, handling a number of mechanized equipment. Employees must perform the required international procedures and handling of cleaning, disposal of objects.

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